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Customer Reviews

We love a happy customer! Below are some reviews, success stories, and advice for growing from our customers who have purchased our begonia bulbs. See our blog for more tips on how to grow begonias!


Joe (from Maryland): “Just wanted to share how incredible your begonias are.

I live in Maryland, our summers are hot and muggy. Not perfect begonia climate or so you would think.
I grew Antonelli begonia back in the 80s with great success with the huge ruffled flowers. Loved them but for some reason, haven’t grown them since until this year.

I ordered a few tubers, started them with no problem and planted out in the ideal spot, open shade.

They have started blooming and the plants and the blooms are huge and incredible!
I forgot how beautiful they were but these are even better than what was available then.
Thank you!

I can’t wait for my scented one to bloom.”

customer review begonia bulbs customer review begonia bulbs customer review begonia bulbs

*Pictures of Joe’s beautiful blooms


Diane (from Santa Rosa, CA): “These are from the seeds you sent me. It is a real challenge for me growing them and seeing the flowers. I got a beautiful pink ruffle flower I started this year. I’m beginning to run out of space to plant them all.”

customer review begonia gazebo

*A picture of Diane’s gazebo with all the blooming begonias

James (from Oswego, NY): “Earlier this year, I purchased some tubers from Cal Begonias. At first, I was somewhat disappointed as it was taking a long time to fill my order. I called them and spoke with a young lady who pulled up my order. She looked up my address and told me that the tubers would be shipped via at Syracuse and that the expected temperatures would be down in the low 20s and they did not want to take a chance on the tubers freezing during transit. I immediately changed my mind about the quality of their service and I was really impressed that they take weather and location into account prior to shipping an order. Such an attitude is reflection upon the quality of the staff and the direction given by the management.
When the tubers finally arrived, many were showing early signs of coming back to life. I provided gentle bottom heat and the tubers sprang to life with very strong thick stems. Due to my late start, to date only one of the tubers produced a flower and it is beautiful both in size and quality. Most of the others have buds and will bloom very soon. I am really impressed with the quality of their products and the thoughtfulness of their staff.”

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