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White Ruffled Begonia

AmeriHybrid Jumbo White Ruffled Begonia

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AmeriHybrid Jumbo White Ruffled Begonia Bulbs ship from February – August 28.

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Product Description

Our White Ruffled Tuberous Begonia is a Camellia Begonia with pearly white ruffled blooms. With over 100 years of selecting and hybridizing, we have improved the Camellia Begonia by adding a much larger (5-9”) bloom, ruffled petal edges and highly consistent doubles. AmeriHybrid Ruffled Begonia blooms are consistently the largest in the world.


How much sun do begonias require?

Begonias do best in high filtered light throughout the day. In cooler climates begonias can tolerate more sun. An eastern exposure is acceptable, receiving full sun in the morning with afternoon shade. It is best not to plant in full shade.

How many begonia bulbs do you plant in a container? 

Container Size Tuber Size Number of Tubers
Medium (1.75-2″) 3
Large (2-2.5″) 2
Jumbo (2.5+) 1
10″ Medium (1.75-2″) 3
Large (2-2.5″) 2
Jumbo (2.5+) 1
12″ Medium (1.75-2″) 3
Large (2-2.5″) 3
Jumbo (2.5+) 2

Click here for more information on how to plant begonias in containers.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on selecting and shipping only the highest quality begonia bulbs. We ship at the best planting time for your area or time requested. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please notify us within 1 year of purchase and we will determine the appropriate compensation!

When do you ship begonias?

We harvest our bulbs during late December which allows us to start shipping in February. We do not ship bulbs when there is a high chance of them freezing. If bulbs freeze they will not perform when they are planted.

Do you sell begonia seed?

Yes we do! Click here to view our begonia seed selection.

Do you offer a printed catalog?

We do offer a printed catalog. Please email your name and address to sales@calbegonias.com.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

We currently do not ship outside the U.S.

When do you plant begonias? 

Tuberous begonias are tender and cannot be placed outdoors until danger of frost is past. In areas where temperatures experience hot summers, begonias should have enough time to be established before the warmer months. See chart below to see what gardening zone you are in.

When to Plant Begonias - Begonia Planting Guide

Have any other questions? Email us at sales@calbegonias.com  or give us a call today at 831-728-0500!