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AmeriHybird Begonia Bulbs for Sale - Shop Unique & Colorful Tuberous Begonias!

AmeriHybrid tuberous begonias are the result of a 100 year breeding program carried out by Golden State Bulb Growers. For the past 25 years we grew the fine begonias for Antonelli Brothers. In 2010 we incorporated Antonelli’s 73 years of begonia breeding and experience into the AmeriHybrid begonia bulbs grown today. Our joint efforts make the AmeriHybrid brand the best begonia tubers produced in the world. We were the first and now the only remaining producer of tuberous begonias in the United States.

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From early summer to the first frost, begonias will produce a constant dazzling display of color in a form both exotic and graceful—a feat unequaled by any other plant."
Andy Snow. Begonia Breeder,
30 Years of Begonia Breeding Experience
Golden State Bulb Growers, Inc.